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New Healthcare Operations Platform – 6 Day Rollout [100% Adoption]

1000+ Users Live With 100% Adoption in Just 6 Days

One-on-one with David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations at Smith+Nephew

Overview:  Over the years, Smith+Nephew, the leading global medical device technology company, tried solving their most difficult wide-scale sales and operational processes on their own. Their key initiatives of Operational Efficiency and Digital Transformation led to their decision to choose a trusted partner capable of taking them to new heights while helping them solve their toughest challenges. The Team at Movemedical sat down with David Bradley, the IT Director of Commercial Operations, to discuss the recent implementation and rollout of their new healthcare operations platform.

Real-World Challenges

Corporate leadership recognized process inefficiencies, and a need to look beyond themselves to resolve these issues.

In their assessment of the challenges, here’s what they found:

“We needed to reduce our inventory and get it under control. We needed to get them to the right places. We needed to come up with best practices for this to happen. Ultimately, we just did not have the right tool nor the right professional expertise that would allow us to be able to do that in-house.” – David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations

#1 Major Inefficiencies (Process, Data)

Field sales teams didn’t have efficient tools or processes to optimize inventory requirements sent to a case:

  • No systematic way to determine optimal sourcing locations (Sourcing Visibility)
  • No coordination of data for patient-matched planning (Unoptimized Planning)
  • No real-time pricing integration poor service experience for contract customers (Incorrect Pricing)

#2 NOT a Software Company

The IT department recognized they needed to stop trying to be a software development and maintenance company, and transform from a “build” shop to a “partner” shop, because they were:

  • Constantly having to modify software tools that were not designed for this industry.
  • Lacking the expertise and infrastructure to create industry-leading software.
  • Needing experience across multiple enterprises to inform best industry practices.

#3 Non-Industry-Specific 3rd Party Tools

When looking for alternative vendor solutions, they discovered that these potential 3rd party vendors:

  • Lacked specific and deep industry expertise.
  • Did not provide compliance or documentation resources Established no time for enhancements.
  • Lacked Innovation and a willingness to constantly improve.


Previous attempts fell short of expectations because the multiple existing tools were inefficient, out of date, and the vendors were not industry experts.

“If we want to do this big, if we want to have a global tool, a tool that could be used across franchises, we needed someone who knew these processes. We needed some- thing that was specifically designed to solve these process challenges—rather than us trying to fit ourselves into just another product.” – David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations

Discovery: Identifying A Better Solution

Smith+Nephew discovered they needed a secure, capable, flexible, and scalable tool which could efficiently support global expansion, and which could extend to multiple franchises (business lines). Next, they just needed a trusted partner with related logistics expertise and proven medical device industry software experience. They discovered they needed a new tool, one created by skillful, knowledgeable and accomplished people who actually know. They needed a partner that had the battle scars to tell them what works and what doesn’t—based on real lessons learned through experience.

When asked about the road to getting there, David replied:

“Ideally, we needed professional guidance and for them to tell us what we haven’t even considered. We discovered this much-needed experience was critical to our success.”

A Comprehensive Choice

After evaluating what worked, what didn’t, and what would be ideal in a comprehensive solution moving forward, Smith+Nephew landed on 3 key areas of focus that led them to choose Movemedical.

“It comes back to Movemedical having that industry experience to tackle it all. No one had to start from scratch, because they already had the foundation in place, which cuts down on the timeline and the cost. It could have easily taken two to three times longer for our developers just to figure it out. Having Movemedical alongside us dramatically helped streamline the entire rollout.”- David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations

#1 Implementation Experience

  • Advise Best Approaches
  • Provide Resources (300-page implementation guide, reports)
  • Consult for Risk Avoidance
  • Validated, Stock Reports, QMS for Compliance

#2 A Trusted Partner

An effort this massive requires a real, long-term partnership, the kind of relationship the Smith+Nephew team needed. Movemedical shared the same vision for innovation and were mutually invested in digital transformation and synergistic improvement of the business overall.

“The Movemedical team was fresh, out there, innovating, pushing for change, really getting into the trenches. Seeing their innovation, their desire to make a tool that solves the industry, and knowing they were all in was important in our decision. From the start, they have been partners to Smith+Nephew like no other, and that gives us confidence going forward.” – David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations

Rather than expecting their short-term, overseas contractors to figure out the right requirements, the most effective technical approach, and best practices for an SAP integration—Smith+Nephew relied on Movemedical’s enterprise expertise and in-depth documentation resources garnered from their extensive industry experience.

#3 A Comprehensive, Scalable Tool

By partnering with Movemedical, Smith+Nephew gained a fully integrated tool that can support all of their business units across every geography. By focusing on continuous improvement and frequent upgrades, the tool evolves in support of dynamic business expansion. As the needs of the business change, Movemedical allows Smith+Nephew to scale and grow faster than ever before. Additionally, the processes can be adjusted and configured as needed for local rules, compliance, and service levels in order to fully make the operations more patient-focused.

The Result:
World-Class Execution

The challenge was great, the expectations were at an all-time high. Failure was not an option, especially not this far down the road. During the most critical time of year, the third quarter, and having to work virtually due to COVID lockdowns, the team stepped up to the occasion, exceeding all of Smith+Nephew’s senior executive’s expectations:

  • 6-Day US-wide rollout (instead of projected3 months)
  • 100% Adoption success (Quick initial adoption of installation and use, Data Metrics on usage improved further adoption)
  • 1000+ Users went live

While not done yet, the future of patient-matched logistics looks like a real possibility now with the partnership of Smith+Nephew and Movemedical.

contact: info@movemedical.com 

Read the full press release here. 

Movemedical is the world’s leading software solution for enterprise medical device field inventory optimization and sales enablement. As the industry authority on integration and automation, Movemedical’s comprehensive SaaS platform helps its partners with digital transformation of the inventory supply chain. This intelligent cloud platform has been successfully integrated into over 20 enterprise ERP instances and coordinated over 10 million surgeries worldwide. This unmatched experience, combined with its clean, modern, easy-to-use mobile and web interfaces, have all contributed to an industry-high 98% user adoption. By continually investing in forward-thinking technology and innovation, they inspire the industry to improve processes, reduce loss, increase visibility, and enable greater growth in the field. As a 10-year-old San Diego-based company operating in 47 counties worldwide, Movemedical is privately held, self-sustaining, and ready for the next global partnership opportunity. For more information about Movemedical, please visit www.movemedical.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


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