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the team

we are a team of hungry, humble, and strong medical device supply chain experts. before “solving the industry,” many of our people achieved logistics expertise at a San Diego-based 3PL provider. our team gained experience developing and supporting advanced kitting software for various products ranging from aerospace engines to golf clubs. our new teammates come from successful backgrounds in healthcare, manufacturing, design, and software to help us truly build and support the most innovative solutions in the industry.

our journey (your success)

our founder, Bo Molocznik, was contacted by an orthopedic sales associate who asked him to build their distributor a communication and scheduling application. Bo spent months observing and analyzing their day-to-day needs before developing an app that the Zimmer-affiliated distributor implemented.

after numerous head-to-head comparisons with other options on the market, Zimmer Biomet chose to roll out the application and desktop software to all US distributors and other markets around the globe. since the beginning the focus has been to “Make the User King.” while we do that we also have the passion to “Solve the Industry” by creating the only comprehensive and agnostic inventory and communication platform in the medical device space.

our results

we now partner with multiple medical device companies, hospitals, surgeons, distributors, and logistics providers to unify the entire surgery case management and device supply chain process. in order to “Solve the Industry,” true solutions need to change behavior. the Movemedical platform makes sure everything that needs to happen operates simply and with clear visibility. Movemedical changes behavior and instills confidence for all stakeholders.

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