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 of medical device supply chain experts.

Who we are

The medical device supply chain is unique. It’s complex, it’s time-sensitive, 
it’s high-stakes, it’s always changing—precisely the kind of puzzle you can get obsessed with solving. And we are. We’re here to solve this industry and all the unique challenges that come with it.

Movemedical is the world’s leading software solution for enterprise medical device field inventory optimization and sales enablement. We’re the industry authority on integration and automation: our comprehensive platform helps our partners with digital transformation of their inventory supply chains. This intelligent cloud platform has been successfully integrated into over 20 enterprise ERPs and coordinated over 13 million surgeries worldwide. This unmatched experience, combined with our clean, modern, easy-to-use mobile and web interfaces, have all contributed to an industry-high 98% user adoption.

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Our humble beginnings

Your team of Movemedical Experts

From coders and designers to supply-chain experts, the team is packed with super talented, hungry problem solvers ready for the next challenge. get to know us below.


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Bo Molocznik

Founder / CEO

I get to mix my love for medical device logistics and software architecture every day. Background is 15 years in software development for logistics applications, over half in medical device specifically. I founded this company because I saw a major need we could fill, and that need continues to grow. We’re working hard and having fun solving it.

Brian St. Clair

Director of People & Training

I use project management jujitsu to bring order to chaos and help teams accomplish the nearly impossible. I love learning, so outside of work you’ll frequently find me with a book (yeah, the paper kind). I also enjoy acting in local theater and traveling to new places.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Sales Coordinator

I have an ongoing desire to make everything around me as functional and efficient as possible.  This is what drives me , both personally and professionally. It’s amazing to be a part of a company that’s helping to streamline healthcare and medical device operations. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, interior decorating, and trying new foods.

Josh Weeks

President / CFO

Our mission is ambitious – to solve the medical device supply chain. My passion and focus is to help build a sustainable and scalable business with delighted clients, users and employees so together we can accomplish that vision.
Lauren Resler
Lauren Resler

Lauren Resler

Project Manager

I am passionate about helping customers address their most challenging business needs with technology. My mission is to provide structure, encourage collaboration, and seek clarity. On my off time, you will find me skiing, hiking, camping, checking out a new coffee shop, and spending quality time with my boyfriend and our dogs.

Mareo McCracken


Being part of the team that is smartly solving the biggest challenges is exciting. I love being able to combine my previous global success in logistics, manufacturing and software with my customer driven focus in order to help the user become king, over and over again.
Eric Huppi
Eric Huppi

Eric Huppi

VP of Product and Partner Experience

I am an Analytics and results-driven leader focused on driving impactul change in the dynamic Health Care Industry, and now at Movemedical. With a Mechanical Engineering and applied mathematics educational background, I’ve spent over a decade sharpening my knowledge of Orthopedics and Digital post-acute MSK care. My wife Maggie and 2 kids Otto and Norah, make it all worth while. 

Carmen Ramirez

Director, Customer Success

I know our system backwards and forwards, and I’ve probably spent more time in it than in sleep the last 5 years. Changes don’t take place without going through our team, making sure the platform solves our client’s needs.

Joe Hardin

VP, Implementation & PMO

My personal mission is to help build a great company. Whether internal or external, my aim is to improve every tool and process we have, all with the aim of giving the best possible experience to our customers.

Cindy Carson

People & Culture Advocate

With a background in hospitality, I’m obsessed with creating a culture where people feel valued & appreciated; caring for and supporting others is what moves me. In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the redwoods, painting, playing with our cats, cooking, and writing.

Charles Hanscom

Customer Success Lead

I’m moved by helping other people and instilling confidence in the user. When I’m not at work you can find me at the beach, in the mountains, or at one of the amazing eateries San Diego has to offer.
Iman Jordan
Iman Jordan

Iman Jordan

Sr. Marketing Designer

Experienced marketing & branding creative with a passion for storytelling with data and creative problem-solving. I’m a branding and design geek with a love for efficiency, innovation and any visual media I can get my hands on. In my free time, I like to bedazzle stuff: whether it’s a cake, a bedroom wall, or a t-shirt—no blank canvas is safe.

Joost Rietdijk

Analytics Manager

Bio Coming Soon.

Dale Folsom

Staff Software Engineer

I develop software with our team that combines expertise in logistics, medical device, database structures, and user success. Our mission and our daily work fit my talents and experience perfectly.

Kasey Hogan

Senior Product Analyst

As a company we understand how vital logistics is to the success of the healthcare industry. My mission is to provide solutions that will positively impact everyone from the warehouse to the operating room. I am dedicated to you and your success. Outside of “work”, you can find me enjoying the simple things in life: family, friends, and those beautiful San Diego sunsets.

Keerthi Kanubaddi

EVP – Hospital Partnerships

Bio coming soon

Katy Kuhr

Implementation Manager

Curiosity moves me forward. I am driven to understand how operations work and how to make them better. Data analysis gives me the tools to do just that. When I’m not at the office, you can find me planning my next obstacle course race, enjoying a book, a bike ride, some beer, a bagel or a burrito.

Chris Cooke

Senior Implementation Analyst

I’m just a big nerd who loves to help software systems connect with one another. When I’m not behind a computer screen you can normally find me climbing a mountain, at the beach or listening to my favorite DJs.

Evan Wallin

Engineering Team Lead

Elegant solutions to nontrivial problems is what excites me as a developer. Constant improvement is what I strive for on both a personal and professional level. Gaining expertise in one subject only leads to delving deep into another. In my down time, I have a passion for beer, whether it’s creating my own home brew or enjoying a pint at one of the numerous SD breweries.

Jesse Plumb

VP, Engineering

After 14 years of building software for professionals, I get to focus on growing Movemedical’s fantastic engineering team and helping them hyper-focus on the customer. My previous experience has taught me that happy developers make the best software, so my job is to make sure our implementation engineers are the happiest in the world!

Jennie Browne

Director, UI

Bio Coming Soon.

Julian Tiscareno

Training Lead

The opportunity to maintain our clients creative vision from an innovative idea to tangible technologies is an exciting and most fulfilling journey. I’m passionate about taking one’s dream and turning it into a reality. This is what pushes me to strive for greater heights.

Luke Carson

Implementation Manager

Luke thought these short bios were supposed to be written in the third person but he is from Detroit so what does he know. He is a stickler for the details and loves a good challenge. His ultimate goal is not creating product experts but growing them. In his free time he cannot be found because he is a ninja introvert.

Konstantin Drapkin

Customer Success Analyst

An abiding interest in holistic healthcare as well as my previous cross-industry experience with data analytics and IT operations have met their perfect match at Move. When not riding the exciting waves of change in the health and tech industries, I like to dive deep and explore my other love: that part of us which is changeless, limitless and free.

Megan Branda

Project Manager

I live and breathe project management. I am driven by the ability to help implement innovative technologies and provide support on projects that have a high impact on our customers. My ultimate goal is to simplify complex processes, tasks and projects by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. And, of course, organization is key

Minh Le

Senior Software Engineer

Knowledge is something I can never get enough of. I’m always striving to improve myself and pick up a new skill. When I’m learning, that’s when I’m having the most fun.

Nickolas Crawford

Sr. Dir. Brand Strategy

I’m geeky about Design. It’s my job and my hobby. Understanding our user’s needs, tackling usability issues, creating marketing campaigns, and solving tough challenges with innovative design solutions are critical to our success. Waking up to do it all again inspires me. I believe every job is easy with the right tools, and if the tool doesn’t exist, create it!

Nicolas Orrego

Revenue Operations

Solving problems is what I live for. Now mastering the art of Java, walking in the footsteps of giants…eventually: change the world. What MOVES me? Family. Faith. Freedom.

Nicole Gee

Compliance Officer

My passion is building products that not only help our clients help people, but innovate software in new, exciting ways. Organization, communication and leadership help me express clients’ needs to our development and support teams so user experience and expectations are exceeded. I enjoy a good bourbon, sweets and laughing with my boyfriend.

Pearl Wu

Director, Product

I get a deep sense of fulfillment from helping clients transform the way their business runs through ERP implementation and business process engineering. Through the many challenges I’ve faced in past organizations, I’ve learned that only Move can bring true innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency to the medical device industry.

Pat Schenkel

Director, Data Insights & Analytics

I love helping Move customers tackle their biggest problems by transforming complex, raw data into impactful insights! My professional passion is finding and telling the story in data that enables them to act as efficiently as possible! Let’s work together to build solutions that are scalable, sustainable, and more effective for you!

Peter Answorth

Hardware Engineer

I love putting things together that don’t get along and blending them up to see what comes out. Whether that’s software and hardware, family members and in-laws, or disc golf and sober thought. My greatest pleasure is seeing these things cooperate and become something more beautiful than the sum of the individual pieces.

Toan Truong

Director, Site Reliability

I’m obsessed with solving problems and will accept any challenge. Building resilient systems to solve the medical supply chain problem is one of them.

Todd Minnella

Director, IT

Making technology work for people (and not the other way around) is my goal – if the tools we use aren’t right, solving problems is harder to do. My background is IT operations, and I love to be part of a team delivering reliable, performant services. Helping to make healthcare better for everyone? Awesome!

Tsai-Xing Wong

Web Lead

I am excited to contribute my skillset to solving real world problems such as those in the medical device industry. I love challenging myself to grow, both as a software engineer and as an individual, and feel fortunate to work with such a great group of people. Outside of work, you can find me growing exotic houseplants or exploring in the woods.

Tyler Cobb

Engineering Team Lead

The chance to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology is the reason I joined Move. Innovation is embedded in the company’s culture. I love learning more than anything. I try to better myself as an engineer and person every day. Outside of work you’ll most likely find me playing sports or traveling the world.

Aimee Carvalho

Support Manager

I strive to learn something new every day. Curiosity is what drives me to continually pick up new skills. Most weekends you will find me at the beach, on my bike, listening to podcasts, trying to master a new art medium, or burying myself in environmental science books. Did I mention I like learning?

Andrea Leidig

Financial Analyst

My background is in finance and I love finding unique solutions for complex problems. I enjoy being part of the talented team at Movemedical and working towards a shared vision. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family and enjoying the San Diego sun.
Lana Lasher
Lana Lasher

Lana Lasher

Software Engineer

Bio coming soon.
Carly Sire
Carly Sire

Carly Sire

Training Specialist

With a background in education, my passion is taking complex topics and breaking them down into understandable parts. I enjoy helping others find the “aha” moment and setting them up for success – in their immediate role or future endeavors. Outside of work, you’ll find me book in hand, exploring new places, hanging with my best (and furriest) pal, or mastering a new yoga pose.

Hari Sriram

Senior Implementation Analyst

I’ve worked in healthcare IT at large health systems my entire professional career, so being able to come to a much smaller tech company is a challenge I fully embrace. I love being able to work with customers and help them understand the value a product like Move can bring to their workflow. Outside of work, I enjoy visiting new places around town and trying different types of food. If I’m not doing that, you can usually find me on my couch, watching my favorite sports teams lose.
Joseph Barthel
Joseph Barthel

Joseph Barthel

DevOps Engineer

I love technology and its amazing power to turn ideas into solutions. Making it reliable and accessible for team members and customers is my passion. My background is in IT operations, so I pride myself on facilitating operational success with a smile. When I am not learning about emerging technologies or working on tech projects, I enjoy spending time with my family in the SoCal mountains where we live.
Abel Flores
Abel Flores

Abel Flores

Customer Success Analyst

Bio coming soon.

Jon Dunkley

Software Engineer

I love digging to find useful and lasting solutions to problems. That love has brought me through support, database, QA, and development teams. Now I’m grateful to be on the amazing team here at Move!

Tom Breier

Senior Software Engineer

I’m moved by planning and working on large-scale projects, breaking them down into small tasks, and building them brick by brick in order. Being part of a company that improves people’s health is a great honor, and that gives me a lot of drive. While I appear away on Teams, you will usually find me reading, working out, playing video games, or traveling.

Dominik Kovacic

Software Contractor Team Lead

Bio coming soon.

Ali Khan

Customer Success Analysts

With my background in logistics, I developed a passion for finding the most efficient solutions for my clients. I love to learn and am always ready to dive into uncharted waters. On my free time you can find me browsing the marketplace for a new project car, rooting for the best NFL team (49ers), and traveling with my family.

James Harrison

Mobile Engineer

Working on challenging problems is what pushes me to do my very best. If I can do that with great people its even better. I love being surrounded by a team and getting into the weeds and thinking through things. This also translates into my hobbies of sports and working out and playing drums for bands!

Jack Bordner

Mobile Engineer

I am passionate about building mobile applications that are scalable, performant and beautiful. The opportunity to contribute towards simplifying the complexities of the medical device supply chain industry is both exciting and rewarding. Outside of working I enjoy staying healthy through outdoor activities.

Daniel Montivero

Software Contractor

Hello I’m Daniel =p. Developing and doing unit-tests are my passion on the job. I have worked as a Tech Lead in previous jobs but I prefer to be more close to code like a developer. I am married with no children to my wonderful wife (I don’t know how she tolerates me lol). My hobbies are playing videos games, reading books, and anime/manga. I am a classic all content consumer =p.

Brandon Lawrence

Customer Success Analysts

With my experience in high-touch customer support, and my passion for technology and automation, I was ready to tackle a new challenge in the medical device industry. I love learning and am always ready to surround myself with new information. In my free time, you can find me cycling, taking pictures, or spending time traveling with my wife and puppy.

Kennedy Schnieders

Data Analyst

With a background in mathematics, I’ve always been drawn to solving unique and challenging problems – the healthcare space has no shortage of difficult problems to solve! Developing insightful and actionable analytics for each of our clients helps to scratch that itch. Outside of work I like to spend my time running, woodworking & welding, and playing outside with my dog.

Michael Lasher

Senior Software Engineer

Being a software developer for over 20 years, I found I just love to solve problems. No matter the business or technology, the validation I feel by helping customers using software solutions makes me happy. Personally, I believe you shouldn’t just live life to the fullest, you should FEEL life to the fullest.

Jamie Cooke

Implementation Analyst

Bio coming soon.

Ramiro Martinez

Software Contractor

I try to blend my acquired knowledge and competence with my personal skills to maximize my coworkers and my own work. Having challenging things to do is what motivates me as a Software Developer, I’m always looking for that and giving my best in everything that I do.

Elisie Jiang

Technical Analyst

Viewing challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow, led me to be intrigued by technology from an early age. Now understanding its reach, I am eager to tackle the obstacles presented in the medical industry with the help from our team at Move. When I am not taped to the computer screen, I enjoy going on scenic hikes with my pal, Alpha. As well as travel to experience different cultures through their food while satisfying my inner foodie!

Sukhminder Gill

Mobile Software Contractor

As a skilled mobile developer, I am dedicated to building high-quality, user-friendly applications that deliver exceptional experiences. With a strong background in both iOS and Android development, I am equipped to handle any project with ease. My expertise in Kotlin, Java, and Swift allows me to create fast, responsive, and visually appealing apps that meet the needs of a wide range of users. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. My goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in mobile app development and deliver apps that leave a lasting impact.

Alberto Martinez

Software Contractor

Bio coming soon.

Aaron Skulsky

iOS Developer

Bio coming soon.

Jose Roth

Software Engineer

Bio coming soon.

Arika Sulk

Implementation Analyst

Bio coming soon.

Monty Rasmussen

Flutter Lead Developer

Bio coming soon.

Noorie Tailor

Project Coordinator

Bio coming soon.

Ben Engelberg

Web Developer

Bio coming soon.

Kristina Herrick

Senior Software Engineer

Bio coming soon.

Sophie O’Connor

Project Manager

Bio coming soon.

Mark Martinez

Web Engineer

Bio coming soon.

Andrew Koehn

Implementation Analyst

Bio coming soon.

What we’ve achieved

Along the way, we’ve had some continued success. Here are a few notable victories.

Inc Magazine’s 2019 “Best Workplaces Editors’ List”

93% Glassdoor CEO Approval Score

4.4 Glassdoor Rating Score

TINYpulse Best Employer Award

4.1 TINYpulse Employee Happiness Score