It’s War Out There. Should It Be?

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Charles Hanscom
Charles Hanscom

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The Ongoing Battle

Will the right parts be there on time?

Will they be the correct implants and instruments?

How much time do I spend checking, correcting, and tracking down inventory?

Did the rep really mean to order what he just requested?

These are some of the questions sales and ops folks ask themselves everyday.

In the medical device space the battle has always been Operations vs. Sales. The ongoing war usually means that there is a lack of trust which creates frustration, animosity, nerves and finger pointing… Yeah it’s time to change all that. Movemedical is finally here.

Protecting reputations for both doctor and sales rep is imperative. The sales representative’s reputation for reliable and accurate delivery is everything. In most scenarios, they have one shot to establish a trusting relationship with a surgeon. There is no room for mistakes. On the day of a scheduled surgery, all required instruments and implants must be in the operating room ready to go. The sales rep must place his faith in the operations team to make that happen.

Easier Solution

Movemedical takes the stress out of this process which gives all sales reps the necessary time to do what is most important, SELL! By increasing case specific communication the operations teams and sales reps will all be on the same page.

To Build Trust Between Sales & Ops You Need:

  • Easy and Repeatable Processes (Consistency)
  • 1 Simple, yet Comprehensive Tool (Schedule, Inventory, Communication – Simplicity)
  • System of Aligned Accountability (Transparency)

Movemedical is the only field solution on the market that drives all three. The platform enables complete, real-time transparency between the Sales and Operations teams. Movemedical gives everyone accurate location of all available inventory in real-time.  Gone are the days of emailing, calling, and faxing product requests. Movemedical provides simple product requesting with the tap of a finger. With built in usage capture, messaging, and inventory visibility by location, the rigorous task of hunting down the required products is eliminated.

Better Processes

The moment the sales representative is notified of an upcoming surgery he can pull up the Move app, schedule the case, and request inventory – all within seconds. The Operations team is notified instantly of the request and can begin sourcing and fulfilling product for the surgery. The sales rep can breathe easy knowing that the items requested are precisely the ones being pulled since the entire process is executed in one system with features and fail-safes to ensure operations is picking and shipping the right product. Making the process easier and quicker helps ensure the requested items will leave in an efficient and timely manner. The sales representative can then track the package through Move and know exactly where his or her items are, at all stages of the fulfillment process.  Move alerts you the moment the product leaves the distribution facility, and you can track the package in real-time until it arrives at the surgical site.

Aligned Accountability Needs to Be Adaptive and Responsive

At Movemedical, we understand that changes can occur at the drop of a hat. For example, the surgeon just notified you that the patient has certain allergies and you have to make quick adjustments. Move is the only HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end communication solution for all parties. With Move you can notify the Operations team instantly through the built-in messaging feature. No longer will you have to communicate through two, or sometimes three different channels. Messaging also allows you to upload any patient file, x-ray, or chart while providing peace of mind knowing that it is HIPAA-compliant through triple encryption.

Trust – Built Right In

In any complex system, there are innumerable opportunities for failure that are out of a single person’s hands. But Movemedical places fulfillment fail-safe in your hand. Literally. Movemedical is the one app that provides all contacts, real-time inventory locations, product tracking, product requests, submitted usage, purchase orders, a complete calendar view of scheduled cases, and communications. All the while being HIPAA & FDA UDI compliant.

When you have a better process with an easy to use comprehensive tool, you can build lasting trust. Through efficient and accurate communication, the production levels go up and so does the amount of trust between all teammates.

More Trust = More Sales.

Movemedical saves everyone time. Movemedical gives you peace of mind, knowing that the product needed is the product delivered, every time. By ensuring the critical trust link between your teams is in place, your customer benefits, and the battle is finally over.

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