Ground-Breaking Advancement in Hospital Inventory Management Optimization

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Nickolas Crawford
Nickolas Crawford

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In the heart of every hospital lies a silent challenge that resonates through its corridors: Inventory Management.

This isn’t just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it’s about ensuring that when a patient lies on the operating table, the right medical device is at the surgeon’s fingertips without a second’s delay. The current state of affairs? It’s a scenario where, on average, nearly 30% of nurses’ time is diverted away from patient care due to inventory-related tasks. In a sector where mere minutes can dictate outcomes, the cost of manual inventory errors can spiral far beyond the balance sheets – it can cost lives.

Hospitals are losing between 5-10% of their inventory due to expired or lost items, a staggering statistic that echoes the inefficiencies plaguing inventory control. Add to this the reality that misplaced orders and tracking discrepancies are not mere inconveniences but daily occurrences, with nearly 20% of medical staff time consumed in correcting these issues. In a high-stakes environment where every second counts, the question arises: isn’t there a better way?

Introducing Movemedical‘s Suite of Modules:
Engineered for Inventory Excellence

Movemedical, the global leader in inventory med device operations, ushers in a new comprehensive suite tailored for hospitals to streamline Med Device Inventory Management in ORs. We facilitate enhanced coordination across nurse teams, supply chains, sterile processing, and suppliers to ensure accurate tracking and availability of essential supplies. Here are our pioneering modules:

  1. PPI Tracking
    Attain optimal asset utilization and balance with our PPI Management module, meticulously tracking medical device inventory “code life” and expiry to mitigate wastage.

  2. Loaner Logistics
    Our Loaner Logistics module streamlines your loaned inventory management, utilizing detailed kit/tray logistics data from supplier partners for impeccable coordination.

  3. Consignment Management
    Gain precise visibility of consigned inventory with our Consignment Tracking module, capitalizing on existing infrastructure and strong supplier relationships.

  4. Bill Only Automation
    Digitize and streamline your Bill-Only processes with our automation module, ensuring swift, accurate submissions and validations, in sync with supplier systems.

  5. Directed Distribution
    Ensure precise allocation to hospitals and surgery centers with Directed Distribution expertly managing kitting and the final distribution of medical devices.


Unmatched Benefits That Drive Results

Movemedical’s platform delivers irrefutable advantages to hospitals, carving a clear path to enhanced operational efficiency and patient care. By leveraging our system, hospitals can anticipate a transformative shift that includes:

  • Leverage Accurate ERP-Level Supplier Data
  • Reduce Documentation Burden for Nurses
  • Gain Control of Inventory Planning
  • Lower Inventory Operating Costs
  • Speed Up “Procure-to-Pay”

The Time for Hospital Inventory Control is Now

The urgency for airtight inventory control and visibility in hospitals has never been more pronounced. Movemedical is not just a component of your current strategy; it is the cornerstone of your continued success. Our solution provides the robust infrastructure needed to overcome today’s challenges and propels you into a future where precision and efficiency are the norms. Movemedical is primed to partner with hospitals ready to turn the page and embark on a journey of perpetual advancement in inventory management.

It’s all about the data. Our unparalleled data integration experience with global supplier sales and operations teams sets us apart, offering unmatched insights that drive efficiency in inventory management worldwide—a system not only rich with impressive credentials but also deeply committed to operational excellence:

  • Orchestrating over 13M+ Surgeries worldwide
  • Handling 500K Inventory transactions daily
  • Powering 16K+ Facilities with our system
  • Tracking 14M+ Inventory items
  • Capturing $3B+ Annual sales transactions

Ready to Join the Discussion?

We invite you to join us on a transformative journey. Ask us about our upcoming webinar where we will unveil how Movemedical’s platform has reimagined the Bill Only process for industry titans like Smith+Nephew. We will delve deeper into our collaborative solutions with GHX, and you’ll discover how your hospital team can streamline your processes and elevate customer satisfaction.

Click here to see the system in action!

Start today! Click the link above to ignite a dialogue that reshapes your inventory narrative. With Movemedical’s expertise at your side, step confidently into a future where every decision is data-driven and every inventory challenge is an opportunity for innovation.


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