Pioneering Efficiency:
How Movemedical Transforms the Medical Device Last-Mile Supply Chain.

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Nickolas Crawford
Nickolas Crawford

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In the highly regulated and complex world of the medical device last-mile supply chain, managing logistics efficiently is paramount. Now, the medical device industry puts heavier focus on operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Movemedical stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges by offering solutions that streamline inventory management, enhance customer relations, and ensure compliance.

This sets the stage for a deeper exploration into how Movemedical’s comprehensive automation platform is uniquely positioned to transform the medical device last-mile supply chain. Here are 5 critical ways it accomplishes this:

  1. Mastering Inventory: Precision & Control

    The medical device last-mile supply chain faces significant challenges due to unpredictable medical needs during surgeries, leading to overstocking. Movemedical addresses this with robust real-time inventory tracking and optimization tools, ensuring that supplies are precisely where they need to be, when they need to be, without excess.

    An Abbvie manager praises these capabilities: “Users love the ability to scan products with their mobile device, avoiding manual data entry, effectively managing consignment stock.” Industry data suggest that effective inventory management can reduce carrying costs by up to 25%, showcasing the significant impact of Movemedical’s solutions.

  2. Enhancing Customer Experience: Sales Enablement & Service Synergy

    In an industry where the quality of relationships can determine operational success, Movemedical’s platform significantly enhances interactions between device companies and healthcare providers. Streamlined communication and case coordination improve service reliability and responsiveness, fostering better patient outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.

    Pam Morgenstern from Integra LifeSciences highlights the benefits: “Movemedical has continued to innovate and evolve—making the application easier and easier for the reps to do their job. They have really been a great partner for us.”

    Enhanced engagement strategies are known to boost customer loyalty by up to 50%, demonstrating the critical role of Movemedical’s solutions in building strong partnerships.

  3. Streamlining Operations: Boosting Efficiency, Cutting Costs

    Movemedical’s automated processes greatly reduce the need for manual labor, from order management to billing, streamlining operations and cutting costs. This automation is a key differentiator, enhancing operational agility and reducing dependency on manual processes.

    David Bradley from Smith+Nephew highlights the significant impact of Movemedical, noting, “Movemedical has the industry experience and the foundation in place to tackle it all, which cut down on the timeline 3x as well as the cost—and they dramatically streamlined the entire rollout.”

    Automation in the medical device supply chain can lead to a reduction of up to 30% in operational costs, underscoring the efficiency gains from Movemedical’s technology.

    As a result of the Movemedical platform, Integra also experienced 92% Reduction in Phone, Text, and Email messages and 64% Reduction in secure messages so they can get back to what matters most—patient care.

  4. Navigating Compliance: Ensuring Safety and Compliance Standards

    Regulatory compliance is crucial in the medical device industry. Movemedical provides tools like expiry tracking, recall management, and audit trails that help companies navigate complex regulations effectively.

    Doug Bashar from W. L. Gore & Associates encapsulates this sentiment: “Movemedical’s expertise and software won all of our competitive demos, and then their integration experience and system flexibility exceeded our already high expectations.” Gore now has confidence in the system, and have already experienced 82% reduction of expired inventory, 60% Reduction in the number of days orders remained unbilled, and 60% Reduction in field order request time to customer service, all within the first year.

    Movemedical’s compliance tools go far beyond the standard ensuring that partners not only meet but exceed industry standards, safeguarding patient safety and company reputations.

  5. Technology Integration and Data Analytics

    Movemedical leverages cutting-edge technology to integrate seamlessly with any existing ERP or CRM system, ensuring robust data security and utilizing advanced analytics to predict inventory needs, optimize delivery routes, and forecast market trends.

    The platform’s use of AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning enhances operational efficiency and drives strategic decision-making. This proprietary technological sophistication allows Movemedical to offer solutions that are both reactive and predictive, setting new industry standards across the board.

    Adam Guerra, VP of Operations of a large med device company weighed in: “There is no better alternative—real-time data supplied from the sales force to the operational team allowing them to perform at the highest efficiency with excellent reporting can’t be beat.”


Movemedical’s comprehensive platform not only meets the complex demands of the medical device last-mile supply chain but also sets new standards for visibility, efficiency, reliability, and compliance. The focus on partnership and trust has been the key to long lasting relationships that help to drive these results. Robin Curry from Smith+Nephew supports this, stating, “Movemedical has been amazing to work with. They heard my vision, brought it to life, and delivered a solution that works.”

As the industry continues to evolve, Movemedical’s innovative solutions remain crucial for global companies aiming to excel in a competitive landscape. Discover how Movemedical can elevate your operations and enhance your strategic capabilities in the medical device last-mile supply chain. Request a demo today to see firsthand the transformative impact of our platform. Let Movemedical be your partner in navigating the complexities of today’s medical device industry.


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