Snapshots—Revolutionizing Inventory Management Insight for Pharma and Med Device: The Power of Time Slices for Traceability and Compliance Enabled by the Movemedical Platform 

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Nickolas Crawford
Nickolas Crawford

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In the highly regulated Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors, tracing inventory with precision is critical, yet companies often struggle with the limitations of traditional systems. These systems are typically reliant on transactional records that can be cumbersome to reconcile, providing an incomplete picture of an item’s journey and making it difficult to comply with strict regulations. Moreover, manual tracking is prone to errors, resulting in inventory mismatches like stockouts or overstocking, billing inaccuracies, and regulatory non-compliance, all of which can negatively impact patient care and a company’s financial health. 

Despite these challenges, most current tools offer (at best), snapshot-like data, which then necessitates extensive processing and interpretation—a time-consuming process that can render the information outdated by the time it’s even actionable. Without the ability to accurately trace inventory at specific moments or understand the time each item spends at various stages—companies are left without the granular insights needed for efficient and compliant operations. 

Until now. 

Introducing Snapshots by Movemedical

Movemedical’s Snapshots are comprehensive records capturing every instant within the supply chain, detailing each action and the associated timestamp or instance. By serializing stock and creating Snapshots, which are slices of time rather than just a moment in time, Movemedical’s healthcare platform allows for real-time visibility to the state of stock data (at any given time) without the need for complex queries. This sets the platform apart from all transaction-based systems— providing an unprecedented amount of traceability data on demand. 

For example, consider you need to review the status on June 13th at precisely 4:00 PM. In a typical transaction-based system, you might hit a dead end if no specific transaction occurred at that exact time. Movemedical’s Snapshots, however, provide a full picture, showing every piece of inventory’s location at that moment in real-time, a feat unachievable with standard systems. 

Snapshots encapsulate a level of detail and operational insight—every action and instance between timestamps—transforming how inventory is managed and providing an accurate, actionable view of every item at any given instant.

How it All Works

Because Movemedical is highly modular by design, each system implementation accurately reflects real-life processes and actions. This provides infinite potential arrangements of the “Lego” pieces within Movemedical. 

The platform records operational (not just transactional) data at unprecedented levels of detail, and makes this data available in practical-to-use formats. Free-form association of any subset of related pieces of information collected into “snapshots” builds a complete, relevant picture of any particular system component at any given time. 

Movemedical’s modular design approach is also reflected in the way kits are managed; with kits, packages, bundles, and individual items linked via flexible association—not limited to traditional parent-child or 1:1 relationships, but encompassing one-to-many and many-to-many connections that accurately represent the complex real-life links within sales and operations.  

For example, in Movemedical’s Atomic Tracking capability, ten packages can be within a kit or vice versa, and linked as needed. This flexibility and precision in tracking inventory are unique to Movemedical, especially beneficial in the complex fields of pharma and medical device management. Additionally, sophisticated multi-carrier tracking and proof-of-delivery tracking systems reinforce the platform’s comprehensive feature set. 

Key Benefits 

For Pharma and Med Device companies, the benefits of the Movemedical platform are overwhelmingly clear: 

  1. Regulatory Assurance: The platform ensures rigorous compliance with regulatory frameworks, instilling confidence in product integrity and operational adherence to standards. 
  1. Operational Transparency: Movemedical’s real-time access to traceability data fosters a transparent operational environment conducive to continuous improvement and patient safety. 
  1. Strategic Decision-Making: The granular data provided by Snapshots and Slices empower businesses with the insights needed for strategic, data-driven decision-making, enhancing inventory management and efficiency. 
  1. Sector Innovation: By offering immediate, detailed traceability, Movemedical acts as a propellant for innovation within the industry, contributing to significant advancements in patient care delivery. 


The Movemedical platform stands as a pivotal innovation for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. By utilizing the sophisticated Snapshots technology for in-depth logistics tracking, it delivers key functionality and insight vital for navigating the complexities of regulated operations. Its groundbreaking capabilities for meticulously monitoring kit flows, managing container logistics, and pinpointing locations offer immediate, precise traceability data second to none. Collectively, these differentiators establish Movemedical as a leader in operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, significantly transforming the healthcare supply chain and enhancing patient care where it counts the most. 

If a conversation about how Movemedical can help your enterprise med device company with any or all of the above, let’s talk.

Contact us here:  / call 877.469.3992 or watch this VIDEO (executive case study)


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