Revolutionizing Medical Device Consignment and Audits with Movemedical: Efficiency, Precision, and ROI Guaranteed

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Mareo McCracken
Mareo McCracken

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In the unique, complex, and fast-paced world of medical device inventory management, staying on top of inventory audits can be a daunting task. Errors can lead to costly consequences, from compliance issues to lost revenue. At Movemedical, we understand the challenges you face, and we’ve developed a solution that’s not just innovative but remarkably effective – Mobile Audit Counting and Reconciliation with Outcome Processing Codes.

Introducing Advanced Audit Counting: The Mobile Audit Solution for Medical Device Companies

Easy Audit Counting is the first step in our answer to the common audit issues that have long plagued medical device companies. We’ve taken a custom built, native, app-based mobile software reader and combined it with proprietary techniques, innovative processes, and unique configurations—all using your phone’s built-in camera. The result? A game-changing tool that simplifies audits while ensuring precision and accuracy.

The Power of Our Exclusive Algorithm

Our Audit Counting solution is powered by an exclusive algorithm that sets it apart from the competition. It’s not just about scanning; it’s about intelligent scanning. Our GTIN software incorporates a “guess” mode, utilizing an algorithm that rapidly determines applicable App IDs and sequencing – making your audits faster and more efficient than ever before.

Real-time Alerts: Know What Now

Imagine being able to spot recalls, short-dated inventory, and expired products in real-time, while you’re in the midst of an audit. With Audit Counting, you don’t have to imagine. Our solution provides immediate alerts, keeping you informed and in control.

Seamless Offline Functionality

Whether you’re deep in the basement of a hospital with a spotty signal or facing other connectivity challenges, Audit Counting has your back. Our scanning functionality works offline, ensuring that no data is lost and your audit progress remains uninterrupted.

Positive Feedback: Feel the Audit

We believe in making audits not only efficient but also enjoyable. As you scan items, you’ll receive tactile feedback in the form of vibrations and audio alerts. It’s like a virtual high-five from your audit software, letting you know that everything’s going smoothly (or not).

Scan How You Want To

Flexibility is key. With Audit Counting, you can scan using your phone, a Bluetooth device, employ continuous scanning, or opt for single scans. It’s your choice, and we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Functionality: Lightning-fast Reads

Once a barcode has been interpreted and learned, our innovative “cloud cache” technology stores this information. As a result, future reads are lightning-fast, with response times as quick as 100 milliseconds. Efficiency doesn’t get any better than this.

Return on Investment (ROI): Unparalleled Benefits

The benefits of Audit Counting go beyond efficiency. You’ll experience a substantial return on investment through:

  • Compliance: Ensure that your operations are always in line with regulatory requirements with real-time visibility and scanning accuracy.
  • Speed: Get audits done faster with less stress.
  • Rep Retention: Empower your representatives with tools that enhance their performance and job satisfaction.

All-New Audit Reconciliation: Streamlined Discrepancy Resolution

Once the count is done, the next step is reconciliation. Discrepancies are a natural part of audits, but dealing with them doesn’t have to be such a headache. Audit Counting & Reconciliation allows your representatives to resolve disparities swiftly and easily within the same app used for performing counts. Plus, it automatically generates invoices, shipments, and orders – saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Outcome Codes: Customized Resolution

Every business has unique needs. Mobile Audit Reconciliation with Customized Processing/Outcome Codes allow you to determine resolutions for variances by selecting outcome codes customized to your business, streamlining the process and reducing lost inventory.

Auto-Return Expired Items

Why worry about expired or near-expired items? Audit Counting can automatically add them to a return, ensuring that your inventory stays fresh , accurate, and compliant.

Manage All Inventory Types

From temporary consignments to loaners, central field offices, substitutes for backordered products, and more – Audit Counting helps you manage every aspect of your inventory with ease.

Improve Rep Behavior: Data-Driven Insights

Leverage detailed reporting data to identify reps who might be struggling to manage their inventory. Request additional scans when needed, enhancing rep behavior and optimizing inventory management.

Resolve Forgotten Transfers

Field inventory transfers often get overlooked, leading to variances. Movemedical simplifies the process by allowing you to rectify these variances within the transfer module either automatically or by an approval process. No more forgotten transfers causing extra manual effort or costly errors.

Item & Lot Swaps: Logic-Driven Solutions

With automatic item and lot swaps using organization-specific logic, Audit Counting & Reconciliation ensures that the right items and lots are always available, even when consignment accounts swap sizes or have unexpected lots.

Return on Investment (ROI) That Counts:

  • Less Administrative Burden: Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and administrative headaches.
  • Reduce Write-Offs/Lost Inventory: With real-time alerts and efficient processes, you’ll minimize lost inventory.
  • Reduce Revenue Lag: Streamlined audit reconciliation means that your revenue is never delayed.

With Audit Counting & Reconciliation by Movemedical, audits will never be the same. Say goodbye to disconnected tools, endless excel files, and hours on the phone. Say hello to a new era of simplicity, efficiency, precision, and cost-saving in medical device inventory management. Contact us today to learn more and experience the Audit Counting & Reconciliation advantage for yourself.

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