Medical Device Sales Force Effectiveness Tools Are Now Available

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Mareo McCracken
Mareo McCracken

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You never settle for runner-up, so why do you do it when it comes to field inventory solutions?


When medical device manufacturers are tired of the lack of visibility to loaner kit tracking, inconsistent sales data, expired inventory, miscommunication, excessive shipping charges, and missing inventory they use Movemedical to gain true inventory control and visibility while increasing sales and strengthening physician relationships.

  • Whenever everything that needs to be done gets done in one system, user adoption skyrockets.
  • Whenever something can be done automatically, visibility is increased.
  • Whenever someone can use the tool easily, you create trust.
  • Whenever you have a better process, you save time.

And now you come in… You have been mandated to reduce costs and deploy current resources better.

Your field sales and operations teams need a better way to request, track, and control inventory (Kits, Trays, Pieces). Ideally, this tool would be tied to billing and usage to speed up order-to-cash. The cherry on top would be a fully integrated (into ERP) system that reduces all double entry and eliminates human error. It would be miraculous if the provider could be involved as well so everyone is on the same page.

You are almost there. It is a huge change.

Making these changes is a big deal. It takes lots of work.

That is why when these massive projects arise, having a trusted partner is more important than ever.

Any big massive project has risks, and you don’t want a partner who has not done it before. You need someone who has been able to navigate the stormy seas and come out successful in the end.

We help major medical device executives who want to modernize their field inventory systems and simplify their enterprise IT applications for the field sales and customer service teams without the headache of doing it all by themselves or worse, starting from scratch to do it themselves.

If you are trying to simplify and reduce the number of applications your company uses, then you need a system that everyone will want to use and can also do everything everyone needs to do. A better tool helps the system infrastructure drive maximum efficiency so that you can reduce the number of legacy IT systems while implementing a ‘cloud-first’ strategy.

Sounds obvious. Sounds simple.

Yes, it is both simple and obvious.

Yet, super hard to execute. No one is there yet, and it is not your fault.

You can do it. You have the ability to drive sales force effectiveness, increase asset visibility, create better forecasts and reduce inventory-related costs.

Better partners help drive better results. We can help, we can be your partner.

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Key benefits: true item level kitting, case management and inventory assignment, loaners, consignment management at all levels, accurate forecasting, complete visibility, par-management, RFID, tracking all items inside and outside kits, sterile, non-sterile, HIPAA compliant communication (files, messaging), and full custom ERP integrations to reduce manual effort.


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