Driving Last-Mile Medical Device Supply Chain Visibility

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Mareo McCracken
Mareo McCracken

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The lack of supply chain visibility and asset traceability is one of the biggest problems medical device companies face today, especially in the last-mile as it relates to field inventory.

No Visibility.

In addition to wasted time, money, and assets, incomplete field inventory visibility causes all sorts of other issues and unintended consequences.

Due the lack of true visibility, field inventory management (consignment, rep stock, loaner) is incredibly complex. Most companies need 3-4 different tools just to get the job done—and even then, it is much more manual than it should be.

Without visibility, everything is reactionary: There cannot be advanced proactive optimization since just getting the work done takes all the resources. Outdated processes often can’t be updated due to lack of modern software and proper change management.

Driving Value.

Everyone promises results. Most have yet to deliver.

Customized, but not purpose-built tools (like a CRM) have never (at least not yet) driven the desired results. ERP’s can’t manage the intensive back-and-forth transactional and reverse logistics nature of the business. These tools help, but they do not have the automation, user adoption, or even basic inventory functionality to drive to meaningful transformation.

Disparate tools and manual processes each struggle with their own varying levels of performance, limited capability, and poor interconnectivity. Together, they constantly introduce errors, inefficiencies, and increased operational costs.

These are the exact circumstances which gave birth to Movemedical.

The Solution.

Built for the unique complexities found only in the last-mile of the medical device supply chain, Movemedical is a comprehensive platform that enables real-time visibility and accurate control; modularized to meet your exact business needs.

Medical device companies come to Movemedical when they are looking to drive real value across Four (4) primary areas:

  1. Cost Reduction
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Asset Utilization
    • Manual Effort Reallocation
    • Efficient Scaling
  2. Revenue Growth
    • Increased Sales
    • Accurate Forecasting
    • Market Expansion / M&A
    • Product Differentiation
  3. Risk Mitigation
    • Patient Safety
    • Innovation Leadership
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Quality Management
    • Minimize Errors
  4. Rep Experience
    • Simplified Audits
    • Direct Order Placement
    • Easy Field Transfers
    • Automated Stock Requests
    • Rep Independence

At Movemedical, we’ve helped our partners achieve these results by creating a completely ERP-integrated tool that is mobile-native and uses proprietary cloud software combined with custom configurations that drive desired behavior and capture the right data—igniting true automation and transformation.

Purpose-Built for Each Stakeholder

Movemedical is built specifically to solve the medical device last-mile supply chain by addressing the needs of each individual stakeholder.

Comprehensive, Yet Modular

All functions, transactions, and relationships in one system enables seamless operations between user groups.

Advanced components of the core design are uniquely configured for our partners’ various dissimilar business processes—all within the same system.

Automation Drives Visibility

Full System Integration not only shares live data, notifications, and reports—but more importantly, it directs and automates work.

Better Data = Better Decisions

Movemedical captures, stores, and organizes essential historical and real-time data using 10x more comprehensive reporting structures than other software in the industry.          

Finally, A Real Tool For Medical Device Supply Chain Visibility

Our partners go from multiple, outdated, underdeveloped, and disconnected tools—to a single, cloud-native, purpose-built platform that drives automation, cost reduction, and operational excellence to help serve their patients better.

Using the most advanced, stable, and scalable software technology, Movemedical helps drives supply chain visibility.

If a discussion on solving inventory issues in the last mile of your supply chain makes sense, let’s talk:
Contact us here:  info@movemedical.com  / call 877.469.3992 or watch this VIDEO (executive case study)


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