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Movemedical’s robust tech platform boasts the industry's most compliant and secure enterprise solution for med device today—extending well beyond today’s medical device industry standards.

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With so much increasing pressure to de-risk while increasing customer trust, the need for absolute protection of private information and addressing compliance standards are critical to success.

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Compliance that Matters.

From SOC I&II alignment to HIPAA compliance, our experienced, dedicated compliance team is focused on ensuring safety and security for every partner & patient.


Platform Security and Data Protection

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DPA Subprocessors

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Movemedical maintains a current list of subprocessors utilized in the processing of customer data for the provision of the Movemedical services, which may include personal data.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024

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Compliance, Now for Hospitals

Movemedical serves as the inventory management “backbone” for some of the largest medical device companies in the world. Our platform has coordinated over 13 million patient procedures over the last decade for our global medical device partners. Our modular technology suite provides customizable solutions tailored to health systems' most urgent needs—including Physician Preferences, Consignment Management, Loaner Logistics, Bill-Only Automation, Analytics & more!

Now, Movemedical is offering our inventory management expertise to hospitals—optimizing your medical device supply chain. Most likely, Movemedical already tracks countless transactions within your hospital. With your approval, we can begin to visualize the data for you—and together, create a new standard for medical device inventory transactions within your Health System.

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