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Nicolas Orrego
Nicolas Orrego

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The Medical Device Industry Demands Precision

In most industries, 99.9% on-time available rate would be tremendous. In the medical device industry, that means one in a thousand people die. When life hangs in the balance, there’s just no room for error. It’s critical that every device, every implant, and every instrument that might be needed for surgery is ready to go beforehand. 

The demand for precision has led to a unique, highly complex last-mile supply chain. 

  • Unique means —pieces and kits are stored at various locations, and at any given time could be in the OR cabinet, in the rep’s trunk, on a warehouse shelf, or anywhere in between. 
  • Unique means —sales reps spend significant time tracking down, shipping out, and checking up on inventory for surgical cases. 
  • Unique means — driving to the hospital, texting other reps, calling customer service, or emailing the distribution center.
  • Unique means — customer facilities, corporate warehouses, owned distributors, independent distributors, and field locations all have different billing and replenishment processes.

And, especially for the med-device supply-chain,

  • Unique means —having to solve multiple ownership models. From field and customer inventory, (both being stored at the same customer facility), to consignment at an independent distributor’s warehouse that then gets sent out as loaner stock—this all makes it extremely difficult to accurately track all products effectively.


This lack of transparency complicates the billing and invoicing processes, delays order-to-cash, and commissions, and most importantly can have enormous confidence and liability implications. Altogether, uncertainty surrounding ownership, location, and visibility of inventory leads to overstocking, reduced trust, sales rep turnover, and unnecessary waste, loss, or expiration of assets in the field.

The processes, the procedures, the systems, they all have to be designed based on this zero error tolerance perspective. Where a patient’s life is concerned, 100% deliverability is critical.


The medical device industry is unique.
We get it. So is the solution. 


Movemedical is the enterprise logistics platform solution powering the world’s best medical device last-mile supply chain sales and operations teams. 

A purpose-built software platform uniquely designed to solve these industry-wide challenges easily, and for good. At Movemedical, we’ve made it our sole mission to offer real, valuable, and powerful solutions, and in a way that yields unparalleled results specifically for your individual business needs.

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