Managing implantable surgical devices in the field is highly complex, and requires teams of experienced industry experts to map out effective processes and implement them efficiently. Understanding the unique approaches needed to successfully accomplish this is a challenge for even industry veterans. To see how well AI could comprehend from the collective digital knowledge base, we posed this fairly open question to ChatGPT: Question: How does Movemedical help medical device companies? The results below demonstrated
Considering the litany of recent and ongoing local and global struggles ranging from medical and financial uncertainty to political unrest, a resilient supply chain has never been more critical. Uncertain Times The rollercoaster of events over recent years have impacted all industries, especially in the healthcare sector. Everyday heroes on the frontlines feel the brunt of it, but the downstream effects reach everyone. The med device industry has been particularly plagued by staffing shortages, raw
Impact of Cycle Time and Service Level on your Inventory Levels Clean, fast data enables proactive inventory control and management. Applied properly, advanced analytics can be leveraged to optimize your field inventory operations. Previous articles discussed calculating optimized inventory levels for medical device field offices based on actual demand for cases—not just consumption. This article builds on that concept, discussing levers that management can pull in the short term to demonstrate impact on optimized inventory
Cost to serve is really hard to calculate.Most companies try, but they don’t have enough good data to do it right. Cost to Serve (CTS) is a coveted metric in the medical device industry.  It enables business leaders to realize significant financial impacts within their organizations. For example, they can drive continuous improvement in operations, better manage product life cycles, inform marketing and education strategies accurately, identify the most profitable customers, and leverage meaningful data
Give reps their day (life) back by reducing audit time from days to minutes, while also removing all the stress. Inventory audits involve so much more than simply counting items. Built-in shelf mapping, automated alerts, generated discrepancy reports, and the ability to quickly scan any barcode straight from a mobile phone app—even where there is limited or no connectivity—that would be a dream for most reps. Now let’s say all that counting activity takes place