Enhance Accuracy, Efficiency, and Trust in Medical Device Billing  In the complex landscape of the medical device industry, precise billing is paramount. Accurate billing fosters healthy partnerships & ensures both medical device manufacturers and hospitals can effectively manage their finances. But it’s not easy. Existing Challenges  The management of pricing construct data is fraught with challenges. Few, if any, systems simplify construct data management or automate the construct billing process. Construct data management is messy
In the unique, complex, and fast-paced world of medical device inventory management, staying on top of inventory audits can be a daunting task. Errors can lead to costly consequences, from compliance issues to lost revenue. At Movemedical, we understand the challenges you face, and we’ve developed a solution that’s not just innovative but remarkably effective – Mobile Audit Counting and Reconciliation with Outcome Processing Codes. Introducing Advanced Audit Counting: The Mobile Audit Solution for Medical
The medical device last-mile is complex. The unique variables regarding field inventory, sales, billing, and order management add tremendous costs. Movemedical can help lower costs for medical device companies in several ways: Streamlined Inventory Management: Movemedical’s software allows medical device companies to manage their inventory more efficiently. By providing real-time visibility into stock levels, transfers, orders, and demand forecasts, it helps prevent overstocking and stockouts. This optimization reduces carrying costs and the need for emergency
The lack of supply chain visibility and asset traceability is one of the biggest problems medical device companies face today, especially in the last-mile as it relates to field inventory. No Visibility. In addition to wasted time, money, and assets, incomplete field inventory visibility causes all sorts of other issues and unintended consequences. Due the lack of true visibility, field inventory management (consignment, rep stock, loaner) is incredibly complex. Most companies need 3-4 different tools
By leveraging consignment loan performance metrics, par levels can be maintained through automated orders. Going a step beyond calculating optimal consignment inventory levels (previously addressed in the article Advanced Analytical Models for True Medical Device Inventory Consignment Optimization), the present article demonstrates how consignment loans can be leveraged to set par values through automated new stock and return orders—driven by the par values set in the consignment loan. Also addressed is how to effectively measure