Determining which Inventory Management System with which to entrust your field operations is no simple effort. Standardizing, automating, and optimizing operations requires streamlined, efficient processes. However, the complex operations of a medical devices business—with multiple organizations working together using various inventory types, each with their own set of business rules—is often poorly managed using a collection of disconnected tools and inefficient processes. The below 12 questions (each accompanied with an elaboration) are critical to ask
In the highly regulated and complex world of the medical device last-mile supply chain, managing logistics efficiently is paramount. Now, the medical device industry puts heavier focus on operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Movemedical stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges by offering solutions that streamline inventory management, enhance customer relations, and ensure compliance. This sets the stage for a deeper exploration into how Movemedical’s comprehensive automation platform is uniquely positioned to transform the medical
In the heart of every hospital lies a silent challenge that resonates through its corridors: Inventory Management. This isn’t just about numbers on a spreadsheet; it’s about ensuring that when a patient lies on the operating table, the right medical device is at the surgeon’s fingertips without a second’s delay. The current state of affairs? It’s a scenario where, on average, nearly 30% of nurses’ time is diverted away from patient care due to inventory-related
When it comes to better and more responsive patient care, an absolute focus on doing things the right way and consistently better is needed. Solving the medical device supply chain is one area that needs to be improved in order to serve the patient better. All it takes is to be: “Driven by innovation and efficiency and laser-focused on cost control, risk management, and optimizing supply chain support.”1 – Dan Hurry, President Advantus Health Partners
Introduction: Everybody wants to reduce inventory in the field—but what is the real need? The answer is much more complex than simply having less inventory out there. Do you want less waste and loss? Of course. Fewer back orders, efficient deliverability, and greater utilization—absolutely! The real goal is to always have your inventory exactly where it’s needed. It’s a complex problem that demands a multi-pronged solution. The Root of the Problem: Inventory Everywhere (and Nowhere)