Cost to serve is really hard to calculate.Most companies try, but they don’t have enough good data to do it right. Cost to Serve (CTS) is a coveted metric in the medical device industry.  It enables business leaders to realize significant financial impacts within their organizations. For example, they can drive continuous improvement in operations, better manage product life cycles, inform marketing and education strategies accurately, identify the most profitable customers, and leverage meaningful data
Give reps their day (life) back by reducing audit time from days to minutes, while also removing all the stress. Inventory audits involve so much more than simply counting items. Built-in shelf mapping, automated alerts, generated discrepancy reports, and the ability to quickly scan any barcode straight from a mobile phone app—even where there is limited or no connectivity—that would be a dream for most reps. Now let’s say all that counting activity takes place
For most in the medical device space, the Order-to-Cash (Order2Cash, OTC, O2C) process is cumbersome and inefficient. The Medical Device complex supply chain desperately needs a complete end-to-end renewal to improve accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety—while driving genuine cost savings. The current processes for exchanging data between MedTech manufacturers and healthcare providers are plagued by discrepancies which create costly errors, delays, inventory issues, and compliance traceability gaps. These inefficiencies all hurt the entire supply chain,
The Goal Is To Sell More Through New Channels  Achieving the benefits of mergers through cross-selling always has complex system and process challenges. Thousands of variables need to be accounted for in order to enable sales reps and support to get their jobs done. You need a platform to take you from the current, inflexible state to a better future; A platform that is adjustable on the fly, and that will evolve with your business. 
The Right Enterprise Platform Makes All The Difference When searching for the right tool, there are so many factors to consider. When you understand what is important, then everything else becomes easier. After helping many of the world’s largest enterprise med device companies with their field sales enablement and inventory automation efforts, we know what to look for—and what to watch out for as well. Of course, it needs to be fully functional. Of course,