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Advanced Medical Device Inventory Optimization Through Automation

Optimizing your field operations with advanced field sales and inventory automation is now possible. By focusing on the right things, you can truly transform your medical device field inventory, operations, and sales. There are four main areas that will have the greatest impact on increasing your asset utilization through efficient,… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken

Loan Optimization – “One Loan Per Day”

If you are like most people, you have struggled with managing inventory levels, you have tried so many tools and algorithms, well it is not your fault, and here is why… LOAN OPTIMIZATION Many organizations have their own blend of inventory forecasting models. However, without insight into the actual location… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken

UDI Compliance – Are You Ready for the New Holy Grail?

Are you ready for UDI? UDI compliance is a new “holy grail” in the medical device industry. Overcoming the UDI challenge with a legacy solution is daunting, if not impossible. Atomic Inventory changes the game. Most medical inventory applications only track the bare minimum: current location and in the… Read More

BY Joe Hardin

The Myth of the Orthopedic Medical Device Control Tower

Oh, You Want a Control Tower? …Um Yea, You’re Gonna Need a Better Tool Many of the Orthopedic Medical Device supply chain leaders we interact with keep referring to this idea of wanting to add a Control Tower to their supply chain system to have full case and inventory visibility.  In… Read More

BY Josh Weeks

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3 Big Risks in Medical Software Training

Running a medical device company is hard. Training users on enterprise software is challenging. Crafting engaging and effective training content is also difficult. What happens when you try to build a training curriculum that combines all three? Yeah, it’s tough. But doing it isn’t impossible, especially if you avoid the… Read More

BY Brian St. Clair

12 Things Only Medical Device Sales Reps Understand

You are a sales professional, you just want to sell. You want to build relationships, you want to solve problems, you want to drive growth. Too often though you are doing paperwork, arduous operational tasks, and performing cumbersome processes that don’t add real value. You know what you have to… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken

With Medical Devices, The Right Tool Changes Everything

Every medical device company is on the same journey to serve their patients better. To get there the focus needs to be on finding out how to reduce waste and optimize resources. Yet, with no true visibility, outdated tools, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes—the progress is slow. The challenges are… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken