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Case Study

Skip Kiil On Patient Matched Logistics through Movemedical

President of Orthopedics at Smith+Nephew, Skip Kiil, dives into a valued and critical partnership with Movemedical. From answering the call to provide better tools to enable the field, to a successful record-breaking rollout, Mr. Kiil walks us though the mind of Smith+Nephew and how their long term strategy undoubtedly choose… Read More

BY Nickolas Crawford

Intelligent Inventory Optimization

Advanced Demand Data Analysis Collecting the right data is critical to cost transformation, but the power of good data is only realized with the proper insightful analysis. This winning combination of data and analysis for many organizations is mostly underrealized, yet has unimagined potential for medical device manufacturers. Read More

BY Pat Schenkel
David Bradley
Case Study

New Healthcare Operations Platform – 6 Day Rollout [100% Adoption]

1000+ Users Live With 100% Adoption in Just 6 Days One-on-one with David Bradley, IT Director, Commercial Operations at Smith+Nephew Overview:  Over the years, Smith+Nephew, the leading global medical device technology company, tried solving their most difficult wide-scale sales and operational processes on their own. Their key initiatives of Operational Efficiency… Read More

BY Nicolas Orrego
Case Study

Case Study: The Future of Orthopedic Implantable Inventory Management and Tracking

Michele C., is the Operations Manager of a Large, Independent Orthopedic Distributor “The system is the ’Employee of the Month’ every month.” Problem Michele has been an operations leader for one of the world’s largest orthopedic companies for over 15 years. Inventory management and… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken
Case Study

Case Study: How This Orthopedic Implant Distributor Increased Inventory Control and Visibility

Jason M.. is the Director of Business Solutions at a Large Independent Orthopedic Device Distributor “We can confidently and accurately access all relevant information quickly through the web from anywhere; a luxury we didn’t always have.” Problem Jason is the Director of Business… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken

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Risk management

3 Big Risks in Medical Software Training

Running a medical device company is hard. Training users on enterprise software is challenging. Crafting engaging and effective training content is also difficult. What happens when you try to build a training curriculum that combines all three? Yeah, it’s tough. But doing it isn’t impossible, especially if you avoid the… Read More

BY Brian St. Clair

12 Things Only Medical Device Sales Reps Understand

You are a sales professional, you just want to sell. You want to build relationships, you want to solve problems, you want to drive growth. Too often though you are doing paperwork, arduous operational tasks, and performing cumbersome processes that don’t add real value. You know what you have to… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken

With Medical Devices, The Right Tool Changes Everything

Every medical device company is on the same journey to serve their patients better. To get there the focus needs to be on finding out how to reduce waste and optimize resources. Yet, with no true visibility, outdated tools, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes—the progress is slow. The challenges are… Read More

BY Mareo McCracken