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Mareo McCracken

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Phone calls. Text messages. Emails. Maybe even a fax.  

For medical device Sales Reps and Ops Team Employees their daily interactions typically require them to utilize all facets of possible communication in order to accurately fulfill demands and coordinate inventory for upcoming surgeries. The basic drivers of these communications are unique and problematic. Our founder Bo Molocznik describes it as:

“the ebs and flow of how people get work done…. The context, the patient, the healthcare provider, the relationship of rep and surgeon, and other specialists. Those are so important to the conversation.

That conversation is communication and how it translates to Healthcare.  

Consistent communication in the day to day revolving around overdue loans, expiring products, and status of aging PO’s. As well as the fact they’re using a separate application to manage actual work and schedules. These factors create a super inefficient communication model.

Big Problems, Huge Issues

The Many Ways We Miscommunicate

Multiple types of communications are natural these days.

“Technology is super rad,” said Tony Stark, (pre—the whole Ultron fiasco).  It’s allowed us to create and maintain relationships across the globe by using apps on your phone or computer. There are drawbacks when discussing streamlined communication, however.  We accept the same communication across different platforms. Basic example:  your soul mate tweets an article, then posts it on Facebook, and next LinkedIn. You, throughout the day, touch all three articles and like, share, plus retweet. Sales Reps and Operations employees use very similar techniques in the Medical Device industry when scheduling a case. Start with an email, then follow up with a text if the rep is unavailable, and a couple phone calls to ensure clarity of everything.  

Think about this: if a rep has 10 cases a week that require collaboration with the office staff, that’s 20 additional calls a week and 1040 a year…..FROM JUST ONE REP.  

Too Many Distractions Prevent Efficient Work

People don’t just sit with their phones waiting for something to do.

Ops staff members get pulled away from their desk to complete countless activities. From loan fulfillment for upcoming surgeries, to staff meetings, to calls about reducing inventory. This creates issues for Sales Reps who call in and can’t get in touch with the Ops team employee at first point of contact. The Domino Effect begins, or the infamous Tag, You’re It!” game.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one time and time again:

  • Ops employee returns the call,
  • Sales Rep is in the OR—thus returning a text message to Ops,
  • Ops is of course on his office phone and NOT his cell,
  • Ops then responds to, “..please send an email so they have it in writing.”  

… and Repeat!

As you can imagine there is usually an additional response to the email or phone call to clarify questions or concerns with the entire request. It’s frustrating just typing about it! We’re talking about the potential of 5 to 10 extra texts, calls, and emails just because they’re not communicating in their actual surgery and inventory management tool.  They’re always relying on someone having their phone, email, or texts readily available.

Breath in. Exhale. It’s time to take your life back. Let’s talk about solution.

Enter the world of Streamlined Communication, by Movemedical!

Movemedical, an easy-to-use, fully HIPAA compliant communication tool for the medical device space, effortlessly solves these frustrating, time-wasting problems and more. With an in-app messaging tool built to function more efficiently than standard text and email apps, this flexible addition to your workflow will provide more accurate and streamlined communication where it matters most.  

Messaging is ridiculously streamlined in the Movemovedical app for Web and Mobile, and it’s designed to work for both Sales and Ops teams. Let’s look at the benefits:

  • Messaging takes place in one single application
    that you use to manage your schedule and inventory tasks. This is huge because it allows sales reps and ops to make decisions about their cases and inventory when posed a question without having to check a separate app and jump back into an email or text to respond
  • Everything‘s better when the right people are involved!  
    So, of course we support group messaging. This allows Sales Leaders and Area Managers to quickly find coverage for an add-on surgery by sending a quick group message as well as keeping their Ops counterparts in the loop.  
  • Messages can be sent independently or linked to events in Move
    This way you can easily discern which message is for what case, audit, item, shipment or transfer.
  • Keep building relationships with co-workers
    We understand the need to send direct messages to a co-worker to let them know how much of a phenomenal job they did helping another Sales Rep with his first case after converting a competitive surgeon!  
  • Drive better efficiency
    Move also sees the need to use messages to drive efficiency, so each message can be sent with an Urgency by which a response is needed. This allows for a quick visualization to help everyone prioritize incoming tasks.
  • Did we mention it’s HIPAA compliant?
    Secure to the core. Every message. Every time. So you don’t have to worry about sending patient-sensitive messages via traditional text or email.

The Movemedical platform was built to help solve the Healthcare logistical conundrum that you as Reps and Ops representatives are faced with daily. Every part of the app is innovative and built with the mindset of eliminating wasteful actions, adding tremendous value for users.  

Streamlining messaging and internal communication is one of many ways we can drive towards that goal together.

This allows you to focus on what really matters: providing outstanding service and great products to your surgeons, so they can help people live better lives.

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