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Press Release: Eric Huppi, Former Zimmer Biomet Executive Joins Movemedical

Eric Huppi unites with Movemedical to help medical device manufacturers automate and optimize their last-mile supply chain. 

San Diego, CA, January 31, 2022 – Eric Huppi was recently appointed as the new Vice President of Product and Partner Experience at Movemedical, the leading medical device operations automation platform. This new role was created to more fully support Movemedical’s trusted partners by driving complete system adoption and applying advanced analytics for better forecasting, automation, and operational optimization. 

Mr. Huppi spent 8 years at Zimmer Biomet progressing in responsibility, and for his last three years there was the National Director of Sales Operations & Logistics. Eric took over the central loaner inventory operations at ZB and grew it from 80M to over 500M in supported revenue while driving down a net cost reduction of 16%.

Most recently, Eric Huppi served as the COO of IncludeHealth™, a digital health & wellness company that optimizes patient care by pairing HIPAA-compliant cloud software with inclusive rehabilitation equipment.

Bo Molozcnik, Founder and CEO of Movemedical announces that

“We are more than excited for the knowledge, experience, and leadership that Eric brings to our customer partners. His passion for excellence is contagious. Eric knows how to see the big picture and solve the most detailed problems.” Bo continues “As we grow as a company, and take on bigger challenges, Eric’s depth of experience and previous success in optimization and applied advanced data analytics will help move the entire industry forward.” 

Before Mr. Huppi decided to work with Movemedical, he was a super-user of the system. He explains:

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Movemedical team as a customer/partner. Through that partnership, our 80M orthopedic distributor daily operation and sales management was transformed. That transformation enabled operational cost reduction as a % of sales from 14% to under 3%. Applied at a larger scale to our National Loaner Stock we were able to create even bigger improvements. Movemedical enables automation, unlocks data, and drives insights to facilitate radical change. The Movemedical platform has the capabilities to drastically transform the medical device industry. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the team.”

About Movemedical 

Movemedical is the world’s leading software solution for enterprise medical device field inventory optimization and sales enablement. As the industry authority on integration and automation, Movemedical’s comprehensive SaaS platform helps their partners with digital transformation of the inventory supply chain. This intelligent cloud platform has been successfully integrated into over 22 enterprise ERP instances and coordinated over 13 million surgeries worldwide. This unmatched enterprise experience, combined with clean, modern, easy-to-use mobile and web interfaces, have all contributed to an industry-high 98% user adoption. By continually investing in forward-thinking technology and innovation, the Movemedical team inspires the industry to improve processes, reduce loss, increase visibility, and enable greater growth in the field. As a privately held, self-sustained, 12-year-old San Diego-based company operating in 47 countries worldwide, Movemedical is ready for the next global partnership opportunity. 

For more information about Movemedical, please visit www.movemedical.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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