With Medical Devices, The Right Tool Changes Everything

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Mareo McCracken
Mareo McCracken

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Every medical device company is on the same journey to serve their patients better. To get there the focus needs to be on finding out how to reduce waste and optimize resources. Yet, with no true visibility, outdated tools, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes—the progress is slow.

The challenges are real. It’s not your fault. There’s a better way.

Medical Device Field Operations & Sales Are Unique (Non-Standard)

The desired changes are not being made because generic tools are being forced into trying to serve the complex world of medical device field inventory and sales. It’s like putting a square peg into a round hole.

We see this all the time; most medical device manufacturers need to use multiple systems with disconnected software and unaligned processes just to perform basic field inventory operations. This is wrong—this can change.

Often, they need to use home-built systems including “customized” CRM platforms, that were not designed for medical device sales or operations.  Having a front-end (sales-focused) tool that doesn’t connect and integrate the inventory management, kitting, consignment, loaners, sourcing, requesting, billing, allocation, and finance will never give you the results you need or want.

Fitting a square peg into a round hole… again.

User-Friendly, Integrated Tools Will Drive Inventory Performance & Sales

The biggest issues arise because the tools are not user-friendly, they do not let the users do what they need to do in real-time, and they are not integrated into the ERP.

Main Deficiencies With Current Industry Processes & Tools

Usability is lacking.

Functionality is not precise.

Integration is not done right, so automation is not available.

This lack of usability, functionality, and integration into the ERP and between systems causes serious problems:

  • Usually, there is only partial visibility and communication between ops & sales and your ERP.
  • Typically, the sales reps’ communication is one direction without feedback or confidence that the case is being handled properly or is ready (lack of trust).
  • With disconnected systems, no one knows what is really happening, so everyone reverts back to traditional communication channels (phone, text, email, slack, fax).
  • It is difficult to utilize robotics, 3D modeling, patient-specific match or execute on M&A, new integrations, new cross-selling, or new kitting models.
  • Disjointed systems make it impossible to get the full value of RFID and Bluetooth technologies.
  • Data is not real-time and therefore making decisions is always facing a lag (Poor Analytics).
  • Order-to-Cash is slowed down (Billing workflow is performed by humans rather than automated).
  • Automated pricing doesn’t exist, so providing quotes takes too long.
  • Too much inventory located in the wrong places.

Solving these issues is possible.

What is needed is a validated, integrated platform that connects all your users and objectives into one cohesive system. What is needed is Movemedical.

Your world is complex. We understand. This is all we do.

If you want to discuss:

  • Set Planning and Kit Versioning
  • Inventory Tracking (RFID, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone Barcode Scanning)
  • Inventory Optimization (Auto Replenishment, Par Level, FedEx, UPS, 3PL)
  • Field Inventory Visibility (Real-time)
  • Requesting & Usage Capture (Mobile Phone)
  • Allocation (Consignment, Loaners)

Please reach out: info@movemedical.com / 877-469-3992

**We can help you create and deploy that round peg…


If you want true visibility and real-time control of your field inventory, let’s talk.

Contact us: 858.956.0219 or info@movemedical.com

A good sales & inventory solution is worth its weight in gold, a fully integrated medical device focused operations, and sales force effectiveness platform is priceless.

A complete sales & inventory tool should be able to or have:

– Surgery Scheduling (+ Calendar, Surgeon Preferences / Preference Cards)
– Inventory Control & Visibility (All Locations, All Buckets)
– Consignment & Loaner Management
– Hybrid Kitting (Skinny Kits, Kit Management, Kit Versioning, Tracking)
– Transfers / Send & Receive Tools (Rep to Rep etc.)
– Auditing & Cycle Counts
– Image & File Sharing
– Compliance (UDI, HIPAA, MDR, GDPR)
– Mobile Usage with Barcode Scanning
– RFID Integration & RFID Reconciling (HF/UHF)
– ERP/CRM Integrations
– Sales Metrics / Data (Reps, Leaders, Corporate)
– Cost-to-Serve Metrics / Turn Ratio Dashboards / Etc.
– Need to talk with someone? We understand. Call anytime.

phone: 858.956.0208

email: mm@movemedical.com

or visit: www.movemedical.com/product

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