The Complete HIPAA Secure Communication Platform Has Arrived

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Joe Hardin
Joe Hardin

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HIPPA Compliant Messaging: Solved

Sometimes you just want to be able to talk to people, without worrying about various regulations and rules. Now you can.  Movemedical is the only HIPAA compliant end-to-end communication solution for all parties that is fully integrated with scheduling and inventory management. Messaging, file sharing, scheduling, and notes can all be structured or unstructured based on the needs of each stake-holder.

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Share & Coordinate:

  • Schedules (Surgery Case Scheduling & Management)
  • Messaging (Real-time or Off-line, Teams or Individual)
  • Case Files / Notes
  • Photos / Images

Unique Benefits:

Security: Participant control & HIPAA compliant end-to-end encryption. Movemedical messaging creates a new contact point for customers to initiate and provide better service with 4 main benefits:

Smarter Conversations:
Conversations start automatically when events and surgeries are created. Control who sees what and keep track of everything without bothering everyone.

Complete Conversation Control:
Mute or add participants

Searchable Info:
Share, search, and find case specific content

Directory Based Structure:
Messages go where they need to based on groups, location, urgency and need

How It Works:

Movemedical platform


While some platforms might have messaging or do some operational functions, no other platform combines communication with the robust inventory management, loaner control, and replenishment services found in Movemedical.

Sales and Operations now have full confidence in each other due to accurate and easy communication.

Hospitals, Sales Reps, Corporate Teams, Distributors, and others now have one platform to share and exchange information, case specific or not. Movemedical allows every stakeholder to talk with who matters and to share everything and anything needed for successful, on-time outcomes.



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