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Mareo McCracken
Mareo McCracken

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If the patient care is better, then we have done our job. 

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“Movemedical is what we believe to be the world’s only holistic solution to communication, logistics, compliance, and collaboration across the healthcare industry. So, whether it’s a medical device rep talking to a hospital, surgeon talking to rep, all of them collaborating to deliver efficient compliant top notch health care; Movemedical is that the solution. It’s an ambitious attempt at solving what we’d believe to be the most impactful and the hardest problem facing healthcare today.

Any time we build something, one of the tenants is that it has to benefit the patient in some way, so at the core is to provide better tools to the people providing health care, and ultimately that means better patient care. Everything we do drive towards that towards better patient care.

When we talk about our systems with people that work here, when we have a loved one and they’re getting a surgery you know, my orientation is I want that person in our system. I want their surgery or their healthcare experience managed by the software we’ve built. To me that’s the core of everything we do; if you have a desire for the people who are going and seeking healthcare to be inside of your platform, inside of your system, and you feel like they’re going to get better care because of that, then we’ve met our purpose.” – Bo Molocznik



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