Bridge the Gap
Between Sales
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Continuing the discussion on unifying sales and operations for better operational efficiency in a complex medical device industry.

Quantifying Operational Performance:
Moving Beyond Case Coverage.

Sales and Ops aren’t speaking the same language

In a complex medical device industry where sales and ops teams teams must communicate daily—understanding of what is needed, what the status is, what is being delivered, and understanding of all challenges along the way is critical to success. This understanding between sales and ops isn’t easy—and often times, it seems that two different languages are being spoken.

Where there is no translation layer, there is communication breakdown—creating a large gap between sales and ops. These breakdowns have significant costs associated that impact the business as a whole.

Let's dive a little deeper into some ramifications, and what are solutions to help solve this problem.

Sales teams interface with the surgeon and facilities, so they think of inventory in clinical terms like anatomy or approach.

Operations teams interface with the manufacturing side, so they talk about inventory in terms of SKUs and movements.




"I don't speak part numbers, it's like another whole language"

—Seasoned Sales Rep

"I don't know what you need, therefore I'll send you everything"

—Seasoned Ops

When sales and ops come together, the customer wins. Make the RIGHT thing the EASIEST thing to do.

For both sales and ops, here is what needs to happen..

For reps, ordering case requests in a unified system allows ops to see everything that's needed, creating visibility and transparency that enables efficiency.

Ordering Case Requests

Scanning All Outgoing Inventory

For ops, scanning all inventory in a unified system allows real-time visibility into where things are, creating a communication layer reps love.



Not knowing exactly where inventory is and where it should be results in:

Lack of real-time, accurate communication drives up Cost to Serve.

  • Over-ordering / hoarding of product
  • Excess stagnant inventory in the field
  • Inventory Expiring in the field
  • False shortages and unnecessary back orders
  • Excessive rush shipping
  • Lost items / write-offs

Visibility & Control

Level of Effort

Using manual, disconnected, or inefficient processes to communicate the needs of the field and the availability of stock has further costs:

  • Wasted time and human effort
  • Poor attrition of talent
  • Lost opportunity or loss of market share

A comprehensive, fully-integrated system users want to use.

The only resolution to this problem :

With Movemedical, you get real-time visibility to know where your inventory actually is. Seamless two-way communication enables automation that drives performance across any ERP.

Movemedical was specifically created to maximize sales force effectiveness and operational excellence—a comprehensive platform that handles the unique challenges of the med device last-mile supply chain. In order to attain sales enablement and sustainable growth it takes a scalable, user-friendly, all-in-one

enterprise solution tailored to your specific business needs: (end-to-end inventory visibility, loaners, consignment, kit requests, custom catalogs, billing, etc). No matter how good your tool is, the sales reps and ops team members need to love it first. Ultimately, Move bridges this divide to support clinical care.

Bridge the gap between sales and ops with...

At Movemedical

Move Beyond
Case Coverage.

easy-to-use system. Guarantee more coverage with less inventory by making sure every location has only precisely what is needed, when it’s needed.

Don’t allow your business to be held hostage by tribal knowledge. Mitigate labor shortage crises by allowing every employee to be successful from day one with a comprehensive,

Reduce All Costs

With the elegance and ease-of-use of the Movemedical app, I actually feel like I’m working in the 21st Century.

—Actual Movemedical User

Movemedical has become the enterprise choice for solving the unique needs and complexities of the medical device supply chain.

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