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Scan and reconcile, all from my phone! ...

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Scan and reconcile, all from my phone! ...

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Inefficiencies from multiple scanning parties, separate reconciling processes, and disconnected tools/devices result in burdensome return trips to inventory locations, and a lot of manual busywork.

There is a better way!

Inventory audits, expired write-offs, and unbalanced par levels—they may be unavoidable, but they shouldn’t be dreaded.

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Audit Counting, Reconciliation, Expiration management, and Asset optimization historically have been a headache for reps and inventory teams to manage—until now.

Make asset management easy, with:

Action-Oriented Audits

The true value of Audits is realized when they are followed with responsive action.


When the auditing tool prompts action at the point of scan, reps simply apply inventory disposition outcomes directly from their phone. With IMS integration, billing off negative variance is simple. Variances identified as lost or found are later matched together based on item life-cycle history—reducing write-offs and write-ons.

Automated Expiration Reallocation

Integrations into your IMS and shipping carrier maximize visibility by tracking sterile and non-sterile inventory types at the individual piece level (even lot-controlled inventory). Expiration in the field is reduced through automated return & replace shipments, and by reallocating expiring inventory to maximize utilization.


Dynamic Asset Optimization

Maintaining inventory levels is a balancing act. Ensuring inventory levels are sufficient to deliver future requirements becomes more accurate & relevant when using Days On Hand metrics. Traditional Par management is history, whereas Days on hand is the future. Using integrated scheduling and historical averages at the piece level, days on hand accurately determines the minimum inventory levels required at each location for reliable deliverability. This ensures inventory is precisely where it will be needed, and not wasted.


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No matter the job at hand, it is essential to identify and solve for the job(s) to be done that align with your precise valued goals.

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